Stove Top

Fried Rice (Chinese/Sri Lankan)



Salt & pepper
A few pods of cardamom
Half a stick of cinnamon
Onions sliced thin
Garlic & ginger paste
Chillie flakes
Chopped or grated carrots
Chopped beans
Thinly sliced cabbage
Button mushrooms
Bell peppers
Tinned corn kernel
Soy sauce
Oyster sauce
Fish sauce
Cooked rice
Spring onion
Marinate the prawns for half a day in lemon, salt, pepper and chillie.
Heat some ghee in a wok and add the crushed cardamom (only a few just for fragrance) and a piece of cinnamon.
Next drop in the sliced onion and ground garlic & ginger and let it fry until brown,
then add some chillie flakes.
Next add the carrots and chopped beans and let it cook a bit.
Now add the cabbage, mushrooms, peppers and corn (don’t let it cook too long)
Add the soy sauce (not too much because the prawns also have salt) oyster sauce and a little fish sauce and mix well.
Next add the chopped prawns with the marinade and cook only for a few minutes.
Finally add the cooked rice and spring onions and mix well.

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